New Look, New Lights, New Opportunities

Kelsea by Jenn Lin Aug. 31, 2013

I’ve been keeping quiet this week on the blog, partly because there’s just been a lot of crazy things going on, and partly because I just needed a break to rest my eyes. Well, time for a huge update:

Last weekend I had a shoot with my former co-worker, Kelsea, who came to my studio to get a headshot done for her LinkedIn profile. In preparation for the shoot, I picked up a studio-lighting kit by Interfit, which included two light stands, two strobes, a shoot-through umbrella, and softbox. The lights were not nearly as strong as I’d thought they would be, but I managed to get a few shots out of it that I liked.

As you can see, the catchlights in Kelsea’s blue-grey eyes really make them pop. Her naturally curly red hair is also equally stunning under this light. Her skin also has a soft, warm look that just isn’t present with the use of window light (which can appear white against the skin).

In other news, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be the official photographer for the 11th annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival on September 21st. The event is happening in Vancouver, BC, and this will be the first event where I’ll be getting paid to shoot! Hooray! Thank you Still Moon Arts for this opportunity.

It’s interesting to see how one thing led to another in terms of me being offered the job. I voluntarily shot pictures of fireworks during the Celebration of Light at English Bay because I was interested in seeing what I could do with the camera and my sister’s zoom lens.

"Fireworks at English Bay"; Photo taken during Great Britain's display in the 2013 Honda Celebration of Light on July 27 at English Bay (Vancouver, BC).

Soon after that event, I was asked to shoot a surprise retirement party as a favour to a friend. It led me to create this website, which I wanted to have so that I could upload the pictures from the event and put them in a password-protected album for the participants of that event to see. Naturally, then, as I kept shooting, the website became my online portfolio where people could view my work, so I made sure the pictures I had shot of the fireworks were uploaded. I then spent a lot of time thinking about branding, how I wanted my website to look, writing blog posts, and tweaking all the photos from the event, etc. After I had published the album for that event, a friend of mine told me that she would refer me to the artistic event coordinator for the Moon Festival, and here we are! She viewed the work I had put up on my website and agreed to hire me.

Two take-away lessons: 1) do what you love, it will lead to only more things you love; and 2) “Opportunity looks like hard work” (Ashton Kutcher).

Finally, one more thing I will say: I had the pleasure of helping my cousin Sarah shoot some pictures of her wedding day on September 1st. I am nowhere near being a true professional, but I learned a ton just by being there, observing, and shooting pictures at the event. I guess I’ll say more on that once I get through some of the photos and I have something to show you all!

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