How To Make Your Images Pop in 3 Easy Steps

Vancouver Family Portrait Photographer

Here’s an edited picture from my recent family portrait session at a pumpkin patch. I wanted to use this image as an example of how a perfectly good picture taken on an overcast day can be enhanced in 3 easy steps, to give it that extra pop of eye-catching vivid colour.

This is the before:

Pumpkin Patch by Jenn Lin Photography_5300

Things I did to get the “after” shot:

  1. Applied a brightness adjustment layer, set to 15
  2. Added contrast
  3. Added a vignette (darkening the edges of the photo)
  4. *Extra step: Cloned a pumpkin to remove distracting plastic bag

While getting rid of distractions in your photo may help focus your viewer’s attention on the subject(s), what really makes this image pop is its range in tonality and vivid colour. The first image looks a bit flat—it’s all one greyish kind of middle tone. In the second image, we can see that there are brighter parts (centre, where the subject is) and darker parts (edges). The colours are also more noticeably saturated in the second image than in the first image.

That’s it for this how-to post. Keep an eye out for images that pop out at you, and see if they include a (subtle) vignette, bright and vibrant colours, and a range in tone. Thanks for reading!


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