Pet Parlour’s One-Year-Anniversary Event

Victor Lam, Patricia Song of Pet Parlour

Meet Victor, Max, and Patricia of Pet Parlour (a spa, daycare, and boutique store in Vancouver, BC). Pet Parlour is a family-owned and operated business that I had the pleasure of working for last weekend.

If you asked Victor or Patricia, they’d tell you that Pet Parlour all started with Max (who is featured in the Pet Parlour logo). But Max is three years old! What happened in between?

Patricia and Victor always knew that they wanted to open a business, but they didn’t meet until 2010—I’ll get to that in a sec.

Patricia obtained her marketing and HR degree from SFU in 2002 and began working in architectural and tech industries soon after. In 2009, with influence from her brother-in-law, she took up a 3-month grooming program. She then worked part-time as a groomer at a daycare and vet for a year, while still working part-time at an IT company. In 2010, she adopted Max as a little puppy.

It was a life changing decision. As Patricia states, “dogs love you unconditionally,” and that feeling of being loved really opened her up to finding love, too.

Enter Victor.

Pet Parlour's One Year Anniversary 610 © Jenn Lin Photography

Victor is a UBC engineering grad. After graduating in 2005, he too found work at an IT company—the same IT company that Patricia worked at—, but he realized that it wasn’t for him. So he made a “slight” change in careers.

When I asked Victor if anything from his computer background was applicable to their business, he mentioned being really good at technical stuff. You know, stuff like accounting. Excel spreadsheets. We laughed.

“We met in the lunch room,” says Patricia, “I know it’s not very romantic, but we complement each other so well.”

While Victor handles the day-to-day operations of the business, Patricia comes up with all the creative ideas and keeps her eyes on the big picture. She also does all the baking for Pet Parlour’s line of mostly organic dog treats, which she makes from home. They even have their own dehydrator!

“On our first date,” Victor recalls, “we had to walk Max before we could go for dinner. It was after work [at the IT company], and Max was still a puppy then.”

Though Victor never spent time with dogs growing up, he grew to love Max and became fascinated with canine behaviour and training. In 2010, he enrolled in a 5-course dog-walking program at Langara, where he learned about normal and aggressive dog behaviour.

Then, in 2012, within the span of three months, Victor and Patricia married, moved into their new condo, and founded Pet Parlour on 4242 Fraser Street.

“It all happened really fast; things just fell into place,” says Patricia.

With their creative and technical prowess, commitment to quality, and their love for dogs, the outlook for Patricia and Victor of Pet Parlour seems nothing but positive.


Below is a selection of photos from the event; please contact me if you would like to purchase non-watermarked copies or feature these photos elsewhere. Participants pictured here are free to display/share/use these photos for non-commercial use only (please provide credit to the photographer and do not modify the photos).

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