Finally, Spring is here…

tulips, pink, orange, garden, spring, springtime, vancouver, bc

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 2 months since my last post. With the school finally done for the semester and work winding down, I now have a little bit of time to update this blog. Having done 3 shoots and covered 2 events in the past little while, I’ve been busy.

So anyway, as I was heading home one late afternoon/early evening in April, I noticed how pretty the cherry blossoms were and how perfectly sunny it was. As soon as I got home, I grabbed my camera and I ventured out into the nearby streets, trying to think of different ways to capture the blossoms.

My objective here was to create some pieces that would be displayed in the home as wall art. The blossoms don’t last very long, so I’m really glad I went out and created these shots when I did. In case you were wondering, all of these shots were taken with my 24-105mm L series Canon lens. Since it doesn’t zoom that far and I was simply standing and shooting up into the trees, the blossoms were all captured at the highest resolution and then cropped.

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