Ringlight Portraiture

Studio portraiture by Jenn Lin

I truly love this shot of Thomas. You may remember him from one of the first headshot sessions I’ve done… which was almost a year ago! It feels really nice to see someone familiar and be able to offer them something different with my photography the second time around.

A funny story about the background I used for this image: there was this projection screen that was lying around my house for the longest time, and it finally occurred to me to use the back of it as a black textured backdrop. It was one of those “out of sight out of mind” situations, and I was actually considering going out and buying some black paper and stands and everything or going out and painting a piece of thin plywood black, when I was like “wait a minute… ah hah!” The texture it provided worked out well and I saved money! Hooray!

For this photo specifically I merged two images together (one under and one over exposed using the File > Automate > “merge to HDR pro” option in Photoshop CS6. When you use this option, a dialogue will pop up giving you options to adjust the merged file. You can use this, but I found that working in 32bit (rather than 16bit), saving it as a .tif or .psd, then reopening that file and adjusting the settings using the Camera Raw plug-in worked a lot better. I tend to dislike the over-the-topness of most HDR portraiture, but using this “HDR method” gave me a greater range of detail or data to work with.

You can find a great YouTube video tutorial by JJDPhotography on how to do this here.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my work :)


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