Mother's Day Promo 2016

Mommy & Me

Christine and Maximus are captured here in a series of photos in celebration of the special bond between a Mother and her Child.  

Christine & Maximus

When Robin first contacted me about a Mommy & Me shoot for Christine and their son, I was thrilled to be part of the surprise. And at just 7 months, Maximus lived up to every bit of his name. Looking at him, you get the impression that he’s so ready to grow and take on life, with a house full of loving family. A…

Krystel & Austin

Walking into Krystel & Austin’s home for the first time, I immediately noticed the fun, loving photos lining the hallway, surrounding the living room, and decorating the nursery. Images of past vacations, Krystel’s wedding day, Austin’s first birthday… Not to mention the countless number of toys! They even had one of those playpens filled with those colourful balls. Every kid’s dream! Austin was super…

A Trip to Jericho Beach

My first attempt at taking a more photojournalistic approach to my albums. Hope you like it. None of these shots were planned or orchestrated, but I later thought about how cute it would be if she had worn a sailor hat!