Candid @ Nat Bailey Stadium

A little background: I didn’t learn to play sports until it was almost too late to join a team in elementary school. I only joined because this guy (shown above) encouraged me to learn and made an effort to coach me—just enough to raise my confidence enough to try out. I didn’t believe I was good enough. But I made the cut! A few…

Bouquet Toss

Photo taken at Tony & Joanne’s wedding in August.

The Wild Fig Restaurant

Natural Spotlight

Photo taken at Susan & Jacob’s wedding in August.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Finally processing images from some of the weddings I went to this summer, here’s a shot from Michelle & Trevor’s September wedding.

A Trip to Jericho Beach

My first attempt at taking a more photojournalistic approach to my albums. Hope you like it. None of these shots were planned or orchestrated, but I later thought about how cute it would be if she had worn a sailor hat!

Using the Dissolve Blend Mode to Clean Up Noisy Images

Using the Dissolve Blend Mode to Clean Up Noisy Images

Of all the blend modes that Photoshop has to offer, the dissolve blend mode is probably used the least, since it creates a scatter of hard, ugly pixels. After using Photoshop to edit my images for over a year now, I’ve finally come across a useful technique which utilizes the dissolve blend mode to save time and frustration. And today, I want to share it with you….

Dogs of Vancouver, Day 7

Peppi the Cockapoo

Meet Peppi, the sweetest Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) you’ll ever meet. Rolling around on her back without a care in the world… I noticed a patch of weeds that was denser than others and asked if Peppi could move over to that spot. She quickly resumed her back rolling and gave me this. From Dogs of Vancouver, Day 7