A bride and groom toasting at the reception with guests inside Kirin Seafood Restaurant in New Westminster, BC © 2014 Jenn Lin Photography

Gary & Liena’s Wedding

This past March I was asked to shoot a wedding for a close friend of my brother’s. For me it was definitely a learning experience, and one that I am very grateful for. The thing that stands out for me most about the event was the fact that I got to hear about a different side to my brother that, up until that evening, I had…

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A Mother, Son, Dog, and a Mustang

This is one of my favourite shoots to date. I already love dog portraiture, and I’m super glad that I was able to create these images as a Mother’s Day gift. Working with Sean, Sue, and Cujo the dog for the day really reminded me about why I love photography. (Cujo didn’t really live up to his name, but I’m glad. Haha.) Throw in the vintage Ford Mustang…

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Finally, Spring is here…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 2 months since my last post. With the school finally done for the semester and work winding down, I now have a little bit of time to update this blog. Having done 3 shoots and covered 2 events in the past little while, I’ve been busy. So anyway, as I was heading home one late afternoon/early evening in April,…

Habitat Island Shoot

This is a couples portrait session I did on Valentine’s Day—my very first! Because the weather had been cloudy with showers that day, by the time magic hour hit we had really awesome looking clouds to work with. This series was shot on Habitat Island in the False Creek area in Vancouver.

Meet my Niece

This is Maddy. She’s my one and only niece. This is a series I snapped in my room back in August. My sister was in the background editing my cousin’s slideshow (to be played at her wedding) so I had to look after Maddy. My brother Ray came into the room and started throwing her up into the air. So elated was her expression that…

K & T

Pictured above is an old photo from the summer when I was just starting out and practicing. The focus ring on the 50mm lens I was using at the time happened to be jammed and so turning it to get the desired focus was pretty much impossible. This resulted in a much softer image, that, although isn’t as sharp as I would have liked…

Victor Lam, Patricia Song of Pet Parlour

Pet Parlour’s One-Year-Anniversary Event

Meet Victor, Max, and Patricia of Pet Parlour (a spa, daycare, and boutique store in Vancouver, BC). Pet Parlour is a family-owned and operated business that I had the pleasure of working for last weekend. If you asked Victor or Patricia, they’d tell you that Pet Parlour all started with Max (who is featured in the Pet Parlour logo). But Max is three years old!…

Photos taken by Jenn Lin at Pet Parlour (4242 Fraser Street) on Dec. 1, 2013

An Animated GIF Featuring Cosmo the Dog

Just a little funny gif I made just for fun with photos taken from Pet Parlour’s anniversary event.

Fraser the Greyhound © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography

Fraser the Greyhound

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph a whole bunch of dogs at Pet Parlour’s 1-year-anniversary celebration. Dogs are just so naturally photogenic that it’s hard not to come away with fun-loving, great photos. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the shots I took that day; that’s Fraser in the foreground and the little white fluff-ball in the background is Cosmo….