On Granville Street in Vancouver, BC

Granville Strip

Downtown Vancouver is one of my favourite places to be, especially at night when the lights turn on. To get this image, I shot in bulb mode with a 10-22mm lens at 22mm (however, with my crop sensor it was really about 35mm), and held it for a few seconds (enough for the cars to drive past me). After adjusting for the white balance,…

Group Photo, TEDxTerryTalks 2013, UBC, Photo by Jenn Lin

TEDx Terry Talks 2013

This particular set of photos (TEDxTerryTalks 2013) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This means: you’re free to share/display any of the below photos as long as you credit me (Jenn Lin) as the photographer, you don’t modify/repurpose the work, and you aren’t using it for commercial purposes.

Caroline MacGillivray at TEDxRCW at Windermere Community School on October 19, 2013

From TEDxRCW to Beauty Night at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

So a few weeks ago at TEDxRenfrewCollingwood—you guessed it, I volunteered to shoot the event—I met a bunch of pretty (really really) cool people, including Caroline MacGillivray, founder of the Beauty Night Society. Little did I know that she’d been helping to restore women’s dignity in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for the past 13 years, and that her and her team have given over 36,000…

Vancouver Family Portrait Photographer

How To Make Your Images Pop in 3 Easy Steps

Here’s an edited picture from my recent family portrait session at a pumpkin patch. I wanted to use this image as an example of how a perfectly good picture taken on an overcast day can be enhanced in 3 easy steps, to give it that extra pop of eye-catching vivid colour. This is the before: Things I did to get the “after” shot: Applied…

Vancouver Family Portrait Photographer

Family Portraits at a Pumpkin Patch with my Niece

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a pumpkin patch in Richmond with my sister, niece, and brother-in-law. I had wanted to take pictures of them for a while now, and luckily it was an overcast day! Maddy, my niece, was her happy self as usual. She was getting a little tired toward the end (it was time for her nap), so we only…

11th annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival

All photos © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography; please contact me for permission to use or display any photos. If I photographed your art display, feel free to contact me so I can credit your work. Thanks! And thanks to my two wonderful assistants for their help: Emily Man and Doris Young.

Fall Fast Forward: Selective Colour Adjustment

Ever wanted to know how to get from this: To this in photoshop?

A photo of Melody Tymm taken during the 11th annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival at Slocan Park, Vancouver, BC.

What You Can Do with a 115cm-wide Reflector

Shown here in costume is Melody. One of the entertainers I met at the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival last month, she agreed to let me do a little experiment! Below is a comparison I made to illustrate the difference between natural light portraiture (without any modifiers) and natural light portraiture using a modifier (a 115cm-wide silver-sided reflector to be exact). With the sun shining…

Rings of Fire at the Moon Festival © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography

Rings of Fire

Here’s another photo that I shot at the Moon Festival. It almost reminds me of the planet Saturn, the way the streaks of fire seem to make rings around a circle. I love how a projection of Still Moon Arts’ logo is framed in the middle behind the performer. How to achieve this effect: shoot in bulb mode. The long-exposure enables the performer to…

Adrian Dix and Don Davies at the Moon Festival © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography

Adrian Dix and Don Davies

I think this photo is pretty self-explanatory (see sign to the right), but here’s Vancouver-Kingsway leader, Adrian Dix, and Vancouver-Kingsway MP, Don Davies, pictured at Slocan Park during the Moon Festival on September 21, 2013. For the Harvest Fair portion of the Moon Festival, members of the community are invited to enter their biggest plants and vegetables into the Harvest Fair Competition in order…

"Moon Festival Lanterns Hanging from a Tree" © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography

Lantern Installation

I shot this image inside the Renfrew Ravine in Vancouver, BC during the 11th annual Moon Festival. This is one of many installations that were set up in the ravine that night. The lanterns were hung from tree branches above our heads, reminding me of Christmas decorations. I really like how the dried leaves were incorporated into the lanterns themselves, giving them that autumn look….

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance at Kirin Seafood Restaurant in New Westminster, BC © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

About today’s photo: It was taken at Kirin Seafood Restaurant in New Westminster, BC during my cousin’s wedding on Sept. 1, 2013. I used a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens with a Canon 430X II speedlight on top. Originally I didn’t like the slight motion blur caused by the moving lion, but I quite like it because it has that “in the moment” feel; like…