Pet Parlour’s One-Year-Anniversary Event

Victor Lam, Patricia Song of Pet Parlour

Meet Victor, Max, and Patricia of Pet Parlour (a spa, daycare, and boutique store in Vancouver, BC). Pet Parlour is a family-owned and operated business that I had the pleasure of working for last weekend.

If you asked Victor or Patricia, they’d tell you that Pet Parlour all started with Max (who is featured in the Pet Parlour logo). But Max is three years old! What happened in between?

Patricia and Victor always knew that they wanted to open a business, but they didn’t meet until 2010—I’ll get to that in a sec.

Patricia obtained her marketing and HR degree from SFU in 2002 and began working in architectural and tech industries soon after. In 2009, with influence from her brother-in-law, she took up a 3-month grooming program. She then worked part-time as a groomer at a daycare and vet for a year, while still working part-time at an IT company. In 2010, she adopted Max as a little puppy.

It was a life changing decision. As Patricia states, “dogs love you unconditionally,” and that feeling of being loved really opened her up to finding love, too.

Enter Victor.

Pet Parlour's One Year Anniversary 610 © Jenn Lin Photography

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An Animated GIF Featuring Cosmo the Dog

Photos taken by Jenn Lin at Pet Parlour (4242 Fraser Street) on Dec. 1, 2013

Just a little funny gif I made just for fun with photos taken from Pet Parlour’s anniversary event.

Fraser the Greyhound

Fraser the Greyhound © 2013 Jenn Lin Photography

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph a whole bunch of dogs at Pet Parlour’s 1-year-anniversary celebration. Dogs are just so naturally photogenic that it’s hard not to come away with fun-loving, great photos. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the shots I took that day; that’s Fraser in the foreground and the little white fluff-ball in the background is Cosmo. Cosmo was so brilliant that I felt inspired to create an animated GIF. Stay tuned for more!

TEDx Terry Talks 2013

Group Photo, TEDxTerryTalks 2013, UBC, Photo by Jenn Lin

Creative Commons License

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This means: you’re free to share/display any of the below photos as long as you credit me (Jenn Lin) as the photographer, you don’t modify/repurpose the work, and you aren’t using it for commercial purposes.

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11th annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival

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New Look, New Lights, New Opportunities

Kelsea by Jenn Lin Aug. 31, 2013

I’ve been keeping quiet this week on the blog, partly because there’s just been a lot of crazy things going on, and partly because I just needed a break to rest my eyes. Well, time for a huge update:

Last weekend I had a shoot with my former co-worker, Kelsea, who came to my studio to get a headshot done for her LinkedIn profile. In preparation for the shoot, I picked up a studio-lighting kit by Interfit, which included two light stands, two strobes, a shoot-through umbrella, and softbox. The lights were not nearly as strong as I’d thought they would be, but I managed to get a few shots out of it that I liked. Read More

Why I Shoot Events

Table decoration by Jenn Lin 07-29-2013

Mid-way through an event I was asked to shoot one evening, a surprise retirement party, it occurred to me that I was really tired. Firing shot after shot—and quickly making the creative and technical decisions for each—can be pretty exhausting. I can only imagine the kind of stress that wedding photographers go through.

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