This is simply a page dedicated to appreciating everyone who has helped me along the way to becoming a better photographer. I hope to be able to look back a few decades from now and be able to remember it all.

  • Vladislav Ermakov, for lending me the Canon 60D (including a 50mm and 18-200mm lens); for ultimately pushing me to study photography; and for introducing me to “bulb mode”
  • Ben Long, for offering your “Foundations of Photography: Exposure” course online
  • Chris Orwig, for teaching me how to enhance my photos using Adobe Photoshop
  • Manson Leung, for agreeing to go on my very first photo-walk with me
  • Jessica Luu, for letting me create portraits of you (and agreeing to climb a tree)
  • Sally Lin, my big sis, for lending me a 75-300mm lens which made my first shots of the Moon possible, and many of my first fireworks shots; also, for lending me a flash and another 50mm lens
  • Krystal Han, for letting me shoot your graduation in May 2013 and making sure nobody mugged me while I practiced low-light photography for the first time
  • Estelle Han, for doing an impromptu shoot before sunset with me once, the summer of 2013
  • Elisabeth Spielbichler, for lending me her 10-22mm lens and modelling for me once while I experimented with shooting under my bathroom skylight
  • My dog Mylo, who patiently served as my subject/model on multiple occasions
  • Desiree Yeung, for inviting me to photograph Shirley Wong’s surprise retirement party
  • Sarah Lin, my cousin, for letting me photograph her bridal shower
  • Everybody who ever helped enter a contest for me to win a camera (I didn’t win, but the thought counts)
  • TEDxRCW and TEDxTT for allowing me to shoot pics for them
  • Caroline MacGillivray for inviting me to snap pics at Beauty Night at the DTES Women’s Centre
  • Sally Lin for letting me take family pics for her
  • Victor and Patricia of Pet Parlour for inviting me to shoot their 1-year-anniversary
  • Stacey and Mike for their support
  • Will and Isa for lending me money to buy my own camera and lens
  • Creative Live for making creativity accessible to everyone
  • Gary and Liena, my first wedding shoot
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