About Me

My love affair with photography began in 2013 when I borrowed a friend’s DSLR and started devouring online courses to learn how to shoot and edit photos. I shot parties, headshots, weddings, portraits (see Humans of UBC Psych), landscapes and finally… animals. It turns out that I love shooting nature, winged creatures and four-legged beasts the most!

I consider myself an artist first and foremost. Other artistic pursuits I love in addition to photography: writing, stand-up comedy, scrapbooking, video-editing, make-up… things that allow me to play with arrangement, timing, sequence and colour.

For my formal education I went to UBC and graduated with an Arts degree in Political Science and Psychology. I thought I wanted to be a journalist covering all the important, need-to-know stories of the world, and I was always interested in people and technology. You may have bumped into me working part-time at the Apple Store at Oakridge Centre during my university days, chatting up a storm about the latest iPhone or the coolest new iOS feature.

What else? I grew up in East Van but now call Sunshine Hills my home. I love coffee, running, and playing tennis. I love traveling and documenting those travels with my camera, of course. At the time of this writing, I have an 10-month-old German Spitz x Pomeranian named Duke, who I love to bits and spoil endlessly! I am also a proud auntie who is blessed with 7 nieces and nephews.

Want to chat? Feel free to connect with me on Instagram or send me a message via my Contact page.