Bouquet Toss

Photo taken at Tony & Joanne’s wedding in August.

The Wild Fig Restaurant

Natural Spotlight

Photo taken at Susan & Jacob’s wedding in August.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Finally processing images from some of the weddings I went to this summer, here’s a shot from Michelle & Trevor’s September wedding.

Victor Lam, Patricia Song of Pet Parlour

Pet Parlour’s One-Year-Anniversary Event

Meet Victor, Max, and Patricia of Pet Parlour (a spa, daycare, and boutique store in Vancouver, BC). Pet Parlour is a family-owned and operated business that I had the pleasure of working for last weekend. If you asked Victor or Patricia, they’d tell you that Pet Parlour all started with Max (who is featured in the Pet Parlour logo). But Max is three years old!…

Photos taken by Jenn Lin at Pet Parlour (4242 Fraser Street) on Dec. 1, 2013

An Animated GIF Featuring Cosmo the Dog

Just a little funny gif I made just for fun with photos taken from Pet Parlour’s anniversary event.

Group Photo, TEDxTerryTalks 2013, UBC, Photo by Jenn Lin

TEDx Terry Talks 2013

This particular set of photos (TEDxTerryTalks 2013) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This means: you’re free to share/display any of the below photos as long as you credit me (Jenn Lin) as the photographer, you don’t modify/repurpose the work, and you aren’t using it for commercial purposes.

Caroline MacGillivray at TEDxRCW at Windermere Community School on October 19, 2013

From TEDxRCW to Beauty Night at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

So a few weeks ago at TEDxRenfrewCollingwood—you guessed it, I volunteered to shoot the event—I met a bunch of pretty (really really) cool people, including Caroline MacGillivray, founder of the Beauty Night Society. Little did I know that she’d been helping to restore women’s dignity in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for the past 13 years, and that her and her team have given over 36,000…